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Rethymnon, Kreta, Griekenland

There are quite a few things you have to get right in order to get a lifestyle blog up and running. Among them is finding the sweet spot for creating content. On the one hand you need to cater to your readers and publish blog posts that are compelling to them. But you also want to stick to your own interests. Do keep in mind that publishing a lifestyle blog for yourself is not good business.

The easiest way to explain to people and your readers what your blog is all about is by showing it. And not telling about it. I’ve been ,,working on’’ a blog for many years now. Some articles were good, some of them were even great, but a lot of my writing has been a bunch of crap. But I never could let it go. So if you can’t stop thinking about it, why stop working on it?

So here it is, enoughmoneyforalifetime.com. It’s a resource to get your finances in check, a beacon of hope to move away from average. Since average these days is quite sad. Not enticing at all, in my opinion. This does not mean, however, to resist the norm and become a non-conformist. But the more, to move towards expressing yourself honestly. And that, my friends, is a very hard thing to do.

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