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Who Was Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis (1947-2014) was a British poet, author and publisher. He founded Dennis Publishing, with which he published popular magazines like Maxim, The Week, and Computer Shopper. He also did the story and back story of Bruce Lee, King of Kung Fu. Starting out in 1973 he managed to grew his company into a multi-million-pond business with a loan of £50 and sheer work ethic.

He was known for his creative pursuit, humorous and irreverent writing style. During his lifetime he published several collections of poetry, including “A Glass Half Full” and “When Jack Sued Jill: Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times”. As a philanthropist Felix Dennis founded the Forest of Dennis, a project aimed at planting millions of trees in the UK, and established the Heart of England Forest charity.

How To Get Rich (Work) By Felix Dennis

Work. It’s about work, right. The routine of solely working for 16 hours a day. Go out to have meal. A couple of beers and straight off to bed. Get up, back to work for 16 hours. Out to eat, two beers and back to bed. Again and again and again. You keep on working and don’t stop. This might not be such a good thing, but I will definitely make you rich, absolutely.

The Process

You can get rich. It’s true. You can build your own business into an empire. It all starts out with believing in yourself. You must believe you are the one to do it. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else believe in your. Banish your fear and confront your fear of failure. Harness it into becoming your secret weapon. And let it propel you to work even harder.

You do must have a clear understanding of what it is that you’re trying to do. You have to have a clear methodology in front of you. What is it that you are going to do and what are the step you are going to take. Then you just don’t quit and you won’t give in. But if that something isn’t working, change your methodology and adapt. Change direction to make it work. In the end you’ll get it right.

If you want too much money, i.e. become rich, make the decision you do want it and go out and get it. There is nothing on this earth that can stop you, apart from yourself. Most of the people who got fantastically rich, were not very clever. You don’t have to be clever.

The difference

Everybody wants to be rich, but most won’t do it. They won’t do the work. They only want all the things that come with riches, but they are not prepared to do the work. If you have the desire to do so, confront your fears, have absolute belief in yourself and listen to what people are telling you and not telling you. Then go on to make your own decision and go for it. The chances, then, of you failing are almost 0.

There is so much money in the world, but you have to be prepared to do the work and ask for the money. If you work twice as hard and you keep doing it, you will become rich. And when you’ve done some hard work, then you should work harder.

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