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I’ve pondered quite some time on this question: how can I get rich with no money? I was broke and my parents’ money game was weak. I had to figure out a way and I set out to prove that you can get rich when you start out with nothing. Then it dawned on me. Getting rich doesn’t start with money. Getting rich starts out with you!



To get rich without money you have to get to money flow going. I got rich while working a minimum wage job. That job paid for my monthly expenses. It also made clear to me that you will never even in a lifetime get rich working for a salary. That’s just the way our system is structured. Please don’t fight this. Just accept it for what it is. Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. The rat race is real and it’s trap after trap after trap. If your expenses are low, that great. You can use all your time to create incomes stream. More on that later.


If you want to get rich, you have to make money work for you. You can do so, simply bu investing your money. You can’t save your way to being rich. Inflation will eat away at your purchasing power. This video makes it very clear. Take 3 minutes to watch the full video, I’m not kidding:

How Can I Get Rich With No Money


The only way to get rich without any money is to create something worthwhile. Create multiple income streams. Get paid by working a job, by investing your money and receiving dividends, by running a side hustle or by creating a product and selling it. It’s not rocket science. These days you can become an independent artist and monetize your audience. You will find that people will support your with ease.

The ONLY thing you need to do is to start taking it seriously. Put in the time to build something of which you can be proud of. Put a little bit more effort in it and stay with it for a bit longer. Don’t be distracted and make it a priority by settings clear boundaries.

You don’t stop because you are tired. You stop when you are finished. In the meantime work on it and keep building.

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